Scooter Rentals At The Tropicana Inn & Suites

Are you staying at the Tropicana Inn & Suites next to Disneyland and need to rent an electric scooter or manual wheelchair? We have what you need. The Tropicana Inn & Suites is the sister hotel to the Camelot Inn & Suites and is just a hotel over. We are the sole provider or electric scooter and wheelchair rentals for the Tropicana & Camelot Hotels. Our location is at the Camelot Hotel but all you need to do is give us a ring when you arrive at the Tropicana and we will deliver the scooter or wheelchair in person to you fully charged and ready to go. Make life easier. Give yourself happy feet - rent a wheelchair or scooter today!

Scooter Rental Disneyland At Tropicana Inn

1540 S Harbor Blvd.

Anaheim, CA 92802

(657) 549-6500