If You Get Stuck At Disneyland - Try This 1st

Post date: Dec 27, 2011 9:10:24 PM

All scooters have a 'Neutral' lever and it usually has a yellow cap on top of the lever to identify it. The best brands used for Disneyland scooter rentals general are Pride Mobility. Most have this yellow capped lever in the back of the scooter, on the base of the scooter, towards the right side. It is very important to follow the next directions step by step or you will not reset the neutral/drive mechanism on the scooter properly.

1) Turn off the scooter and take out the key. (It is not necessary to take out the key but I always have customers do that.)

2) With the person off the scooter move the yellow lever into the forward/upper position. There is usually a sticker icon that identifies 'N' for neutral.

3) You should now be able to push the scooter forwards or backward. If you can 'not' do this then you do not have the lever in the correct position. Try again step 2. Move the scooter forward 1 or 2 feet.

4) After moving the scooter 1-2 feet then push the lever back/down or towards you. They may have a sticker/icon labeled 'D' for Drive or Drive Lock Position. You should NOT be able to push the scooter after it is in Drive Lock position. It does have some play but you should not be able to freely push the scooter.

5) Make sure the speed knob is about halfway between slow and fast.

6) Insert the key and turn it on. BUT WAIT!!! Don't push the throttle yet. Give the scooter 5 seconds or so to boot/startup.

7) Try the throttle - does it work now? If it does - great! You have just reset the brake/neutral system.

If it still does not work then you may have another issue. It could be a faulty brake or a faulty throttle or speed lever. In that case, you would need a switch out from the company.

This is the most basic troubleshooting for a scooter. Most calls are on this than anything else. That's because sometimes Disneyland staff move the scooters aside or out of the way while you are on a ride or if you leave it sitting somewhere in front of other people and sometimes they do not put it back in the drive position for you. Also, rough terrain, brick pavement, or accidentally going off a curb can bump the lever system enough that the metal parts inside are not making contact. Whatever the case, please try this first before calling a company - it will save you time and frustrations.

Thank you all and if you appreciated this post please reply and let us know and we will continue some other posts with regards to troubleshooting for those that have their own scooter and what the 'beeps' mean. If you can not get your own scooter going at least you might know what is wrong or call us and we might be able to fix it on the spot.