About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate customers who support their local brick and mortar companies who have websites such as ours. Some businesses operate out of their garage. For example, if you do not see a listed address on their website, there is a good chance they are working out of their garage or are not local to the area. However, you will find our address listed on the home page so that it is easy to find.

You'll be pleased to know that we started as a family-owned business in 2005 and have been expanding our services ever since. We initially opened our corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona and have since branched out to other locations. In 2010, we officially opened our second store in Anaheim, CA next to Disneyland to work on gaining more trusted business from the California market. That same year, we also opened a satellite warehouse in San Diego, California where we successfully operate providing rentals, repairs, and sales to the southern part of California.

We provide services in most southern California cities including cities in LA County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, and Imperial County. Give us a call to see if we serve your area. We also, of course, provide the same services in Phoenix, AZ and all its greater surrounding cities.

We specialize in rentals, repairs, and sales. Being that we specialize in repair with most durable medical manufacturers, we have some of the greatest insights in this industry on what equipment is good and what equipment is not. We are sure you want the best for your family which is why we treat each customer with this type of thinking. We all have mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters who want the best for their parents! We do not take this lightly when we suggest a product. Plus, we understand that the product you buy and the service you get also plays a vital role in your long-term relationship with us in all your future needs.

We service men and women of all ages with almost all disabilities. Call us if you have any questions about any specialized needs. We are here to try and help you have a good experience at Disneyland.

This website we created is dedicated primarily to Disneyland equipment rentals. We rent many items with electric scooters being the most popular to rent at Disneyland also known as ECV rentals. We also have manual wheelchairs, and motorized or electric wheelchairs also known to many as power-chairs or power wheelchairs. We also have lift chairs for rent, as well as knee caddies, also known as knee walkers. We have everything from standard equipment rentals to transportable fold-up style rentals, to heavy-duty equipment rentals. Just let us know what you need. Do you also need a patient lift or oxygen tank holder? We can help with that!

We are a company that is growing with the times and needs of our customers. We strive to create a paperless company by emailing our clients and asking for scanned emails back to us. Of course, we understand that not everybody can do this. Technology can be easily cumbersome to take a hold on. We have the classic fax that you can get the paperwork back over to us.

Make sure to keep an eye out when renting from other companies. There are many questions to ask. Please see our FAQ's section on our website to find out more important information on what to ask and how we handle our operations. We are a local company in the United States so you are dealing directly with the source. Some companies subcontract for other companies even in other countries so you're having to deal with multiple companies and multiple agents which can make something like a service call a stressful situation. Be stress-free, get your rental from your One Stop Mobility Rental Shop!

Again, thank you for visiting our website and come back again. From all of our staff at One Stop Mobility - Have a GREAT day!

One Stop Mobility, Inc.

1520 S. Harbor Blvd

Inside the Camelot Inn & Suites

Anaheim, CA 92802

(888) 493-0509 Toll-Free

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