Below are some of the questions you might ask or additional info you should ask when Renting a Scooter or other equipment at Disneyland:

  1. Has the equipment been sanitized?
  2. How does the equipment look? Does it have broken shrouds or plastic pieces?
  3. How old are the batteries?
  4. What happens if I do get stranded? Does the place offer a reasonable on-call service or just an answering service that tries to get a hold of someone?
  5. If I get stranded can the service person enter into the park or do I have to push/drag the scooter out of the park?
    • We understand that people can not just push or drag a scooter out of Disneyland. Some of the equipment can weigh as much as 285lbs. Even though it has wheels doesn't mean its any less hard to push. Most scooters have a safety feature that the brake comes on after about 3 ft of pushing. This helps in case the breaks gave out on a steep hill.


  1. 1 BEEPS or FLASHES: Battery charge is way too low. Recharge batteries ASAP
  2. 2 BEEPS or FLASHES: Battery charge is low. Recharge batteries.
  3. 3 BEEPS or FLASHES: The charger is still connected to the scooter. Turn off the scooter. Unplug the charger. Turn the key back on.
  4. 4 BEEPS or FLASHES: Current limit time out. Turn the scooter off for a few minutes and then turn the scooter back on.
  5. 5 BEEPS or FLASHES: The scooter is in neutral. Remove the key from the scooter. Can you push the scooter? Behind the seat down below on the right side is a lever. Is the lever pushed forward towards the front of the scooter? If so move the lever back so thats towards the back of the scooter. Put the key back in. Turn on. Allow the green lights to go all the way up before using the throttle.
  6. 6 BEEPS or FLASHES: The throttle lever is not in the neutral position. Turn off the scooter. Let go off the throttle lever. Leave hands off the throttle lever and turn key back on. Wait for the lights to go all the way up and now try to use the scooter.
  7. 7 BEEPS or FLASHES: This is a speed knob problem caused by liquid or moisture getting into the speed potentiometer. This is not something that can be resolved immediately. We will have to do a switch-out for you and a new console will have to be purchased. The Equipment protection plan does not cover this and you will be responsible to replace the console at half the price of retail.
  8. 8 BEEPS or FLASHES: Motor Volt Error - Call us to do a switch-out
  9. 9 BEEPS or FLASHES: Other Internal Error - Call us to do a switch-out.


  • If none of the lights are on in the scooter then take the key out and push the circuit breaker reset usually located behind where the feet go on the floorboard. It sometimes has a plastic cover. Just press that in. If that does not work its possible that a battery connector has come loose and needs to be reconnected.