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Scooter Rentals Disneyland Anaheim, CA

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We have many different selections of scooters that you can rent from and use at Disneyland and the California Adventure Park. We have Transportable Mobility Scooters that you can fit even in the back of a very small car to Heavy Duty scooters that handle up to a 500lbs weight capacity.  Transportable Scooter Rentals come apart in five pieces. Standard Electric Scooters get fantastic distances with our larger batteries. Take your pick!

***NOTE: Disneyland charges $70 PER DAY for scooter rentals and it is on a first come first serve basis. You also can not go to Downtown Disney with their mobility equipment. Don't get caught up in wondering whether you will be able to rent a scooter or wheelchair at Disneyland - reserve ahead of time!

Transportable Scooter (Handles Up To 300lbs) - Also comes apart in 5 pieces as shown:
Disneyland Transportable Scooter Rental  

To print out a descriptive instruction sheet please click here: Transportable Scooter Disassemble Instructions - Descriptive

To print out more of an image instruction sheet please click here: Transportable Scooter Disassemble Instructions - Images

Feathertouch Disassembly!

Standard Scooters (Handle up to 300lbs)

Disneyland Standard Scooter Rental

Heavy-Duty Scooters (Handle up to 350lbs)

Disneyland Heavy Duty Scooter Rental

Extra Heavy-Duty Scooter Rentals (Handle up to 500lbs)

Disneyland Extra Heavy Duty Scooter Rental

Feel free to look at our 'PRICING' section for scooter and wheelchair rental pricing! We will match and beat anybody's price!